Brand Development / Creative

Branding is About People

Branding is often thought of as a company's visual persona, but it's so much more. It's also about peoples connection and interaction with your company. People congregate and associate with like minded people, they create unique subcultures with common behaviors and language. Understanding the people we want to connect with is what allows us to make a connection, and create a community around our brand.

New Voice's branding service will help you build a connection between your brand and your customers... advocates that will become a New Voice for you.

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Good Creative is About the Message

The goal of good brand creative is to engage the audience, facilitate the message, and achieve the objectives set by your marketing strategy.
Ultimately it's to be memorable and connect with people who share an interest. Below is a list of some of my marketing / branding creative services.

  • Web Design & Development
    • Content Managed Web Sites - CMS
    • Web Site Development for Mobile, and Desktop - Responsive Design
    • eCommerce
    • Microsites, Landing Pages, and Banner Ads
  • Online Marketing / Social Media
    • SEO & SEM
    • Automated Marketing & Lead Generation Integration
    • Social Media Brand Management / Promotion
    • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Fan Pages
  • Direct Mail / Email Marketing
    • Email Nurturing Campaign
    • Direct Mail / Response
  • Sales Presentations and Collateral
  • Advertising
    • Print / Graphic Design
    • Corporate ID (Naming Strategy, Logo Design, Cohesive Messaging, Brand Style Guides)
    • Photography
    • Video and Audio (aquisition, editing, compression) - Web, Corporate, Broadcast
    • Animation (2D, 3D, and Cartoon)
    • Copywriting
  • Promotions Development
  • Packaging
    • Package Design
    • POS(Point of Sale Collateral)