First Kentucky Securities

Goals and Deliverables:

PBfleX’s Brand Platform Development
  • Expand and Refine First Kentucky Security’s Value Proposition
    • Question: How does First Kentucky Securities clearly communicate its multi-faceted value proposition to several related, but distinct audiences?
    • Deliverable: New Overall Company Value Proposition, as communicated in a New Company Web Site
  • Attract New Professionals to Join First Kentucky Security’s Team
    • Question: How do you effectively market First Kentucky Securities as a Distinctive Career Destination to Already Successful Financial Advisors?
    • Deliverable: Outbound Direct Mail “Drip” Campaign combined with Periodic Phone Solicitation
  • Help New Professionals Attract New Clients
    • Question: How do you help Financial Advisor Groups within First Kentucky Securities market themselves to new clients?
    • Deliverable: Financial Advisor Groups Brochures Program

Deliverables:  Refined and Expanded Value Proposition

Refined and Expanded Value Proposition

Deliverables:  Financial Advisor Recruiting “Drip” Mail and Phone Follow-Up Campaign

First Kentucky Securities Mail and Phone Follow-Up Campaign

Deliverables:  Financial Advisor Recruiting RESULTS!

Financial Advisor Recruiting RESULTS!

Deliverables:  Financial Advisor Groups Brochures Program

Financial Advisor Groups Brochures Program