Demand / Lead Generation

Demand Generation - More Than Leads Lists

Still buying unqualified lead lists? What if you could have accessible customers with an expressed interest in what you have to offer?

New Voice combines the latest in digital marketing, automated marketing / lead generation tools and customized lead qualification efforts to attract, engage, cultivate, and organize your sales for maximum return on your investment.

New Voice Interactive provides a Complete Demand Generation Process that will help you:

  • Attract potential customers using compelling value propositions, distinct creativity and the right mix of online, conventional, and social media-based marketing techniques.
  • Engage, cultivate, and track prospects using an integrated web marketing / social CRM platform and process that is professionally implemented, managed, and updated.
  • Qualify real sales leads with unscripted, person-to-person conversations directly with actual decision makers.

New Voice's process-driven approach minimizes your marketing costs, maximizes your marketing ROI, and enables you to closely measure both.
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